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2023 Westlake High School College Admission Data

If you are looking for top high schools in Austin area, Westlake high school will be among the best. In this post, I will share the college placement of Westlake High School for the year of 2002 and the year of 2023 graduates. The table below summarizes the admission and enrollment statistics.

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Westlake High School College Admission for 2022 and 2023
2022 (717 Graduates)2023 (695 Graduates)
CollegeAppliedAdmittedAdmitted %AttendingAppliedAdmittedAdmitted %Attending
Brown University4112.44%15024.00%1
Columbia University4000.00%05036.00%1
Cornell University6134.92%250612.00%4
Dartmouth University2600.00%03313.03%1
Duke University5235.77%153611.32%4
Harvard University40410.00%05511.82%1
University of Pennsylvania5400.00%05946.78%3
Princeton University3213.13%14224.76%2
Rice University8866.82%4891112.36%6
Stanford University5535.45%36722.99%2
Yale University3625.56%15111.96%1
Texas A&M29921371.24%5932721766.41%74

Some Key Points:

  • In 2023, there was an overall increase in the number of applications to most elite colleges, but the admission percentages varied.
  • Some colleges, such as Columbia, Duke, and Princeton, saw a rise in their admission percentages from 2022 to 2023.
  • More than 70% of applicants got admitted to the University of Texas at Austin or Texas A&M, which is much higher than the state’s top 6% auto-admission rate.

The table provides a detailed comparison of college admissions and enrollment statistics for Westlake High School over the past two years, offering valuable insights for students, parents, and home buyers.

As a real estate agent with 10+ years of experience, almost all my buyers consider school district as one of the key criteria when making the home-buying decision if it’s not the most important factor.

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