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Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Living in Central Texas, air conditioner is your best friend during summer time. However, it could give you headache if it’s not well maintained. Lot of my clients ask about air conditioner maintenance tips, since air conditioner is heavily used summer, a regular maintenance and take-care will avoid a lot surprise and extend A/C’s life span.

Here are something I will recommend my client do:

♦ Always replace the A/C filters every month during summer time and every two months during winter time. This is very important since a clogged filter will reduce the air flow through the A/C, degrade the efficiency and even cause frozen internally. This is the most important while easiest maintenance every homeowner should do. Landlord must make sure their tenants do it too .

♦ Always add bleach in the air conditioner drain once every year during summer time. Mold, mildew and algae will grow

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